Carrier Services

TELE-SOLUTIONS becomes your Telecommunication Department. The ONE-POINT-OF-CONTACT approach streamlines and simplifies interaction with your local telephone company, long distance carrier and equipment manufacturer. TELE-SOLUTIONS acts on your behalf to correct Voice and Data transmission-related problems regardless of the trouble’s origin.

In-house specialists are capable of providing everything from relevant recommendations for system planning and network design to the implementation, training and long term maintenance program for your equipment.


We are pleased to offer your business a complimentary technology needs assessment. In today’s business world there are thousands of hardware and software applications designed to improve a company’s performance, its relationship and interaction with customers and ultimately the bottom line. Our experienced technology consultants will guide you through what can often appear to be an overwhelming array of hardware and software applications and get you to the solutions that specifically meet the needs of your business. We can help.

Earthlink Business Partner