Tele-Solutions Ohio VOIP Company

Tele-solutions, founded in 1985, is a telecommunications company offering service to Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Pittsburgh, and other nearby cities. As a leading provider of VOIP telecommunications and as one of the highest quality phone companies in Ohio, we provide some of the best VOIP and phone services around, giving your business the best chance to succeed. Regardless if you’re looking for Ohio VOIP—low volume or high volume—or other communications services, we can help you with professionalism and results, and that’s a promise.

The Services we Offer

Most Ohio telephone companies are pretty cut and dry in what they offer, and—for the most part—you won’t be getting anything special. However, when it comes to the services and products we provide, it’s easy to see why many count us as among the best phone companies and IT Support Providers in Ohio. Here is just a sample of what you will be getting if you choose TSI, the number one provider of VOIP in Ohio.

Mitel MiVoice Office

  • The flagship of our Ohio business communications systems, this low volume VOIP solution allows effective communication with customers, suppliers and partners, without the hassle of an integrated telephone system. MiVoice allows businesses to blend their voice system into their data network for a low-cost, easy to operate telephone system. Because you don’t need a separate line or expensive “minutes”—it all is operated over your internet and data connections—all you’ll have to worry about paying for is our fee, and the product itself. Best of all, it’s high quality—allows up to 250 users and multiple sites if expanded—and it’s extremely affordable in every sense of the word, something that you won’t find at any other phone companies in Ohio. Truly, Mitel MiVoice Office is the perfect tele-solution for you!

Hosted Mitel MiCloud Office

  • If you are interested in cloud-based communications, our Mitel MiCloud Office service is perfect for you. It offers the best call quality offered by any Ohio telephone companies, unlimited calling (to US and Canada), mobile device integration, and so much more. Even better, you won’t have to pay any upfront cost! All you have to pay is one low monthly fee, and you’ll be on your way to easy telecommunications in your small business.

The Best Customer Service Around

  • But, what truly makes Tele-Solutions Inc. one of the best phone companies in Ohio is the expertise and customer service we bring to the table every day. Regardless of what service you are looking for, we put 100% into our business so you can get the most out of this Ohio Telephone company. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting great service, no matter what time of year it is or how busy we are. We care about our customer, and we want you to know that!

Tele-Solutions Incorporated: One of the Best Phone and IT Companies in Ohio

At the end of the day, with these fantastic services and our industry leading telecommunications experts, we truly believe we are among the best phone companies in Ohio, and for good reason too! We provide amazing service, business ready products, and the customer service that you want out of a telecommunications company, and we give that every single day. So, if you’re looking for Ohio telephone companies that actually care about your well-being, and about offering the best services available, then choose Tele-Solutions Inc. We are the company that you are looking for. Contact us today for more information!