Tele-Solutions Inc. Ohio and Pennsylvania VOIP

In the business world, telecommunications is extremely important. Not only do you have to have some way to contact your peers, employees, and business partners—beyond your normal cellphone—you also need to have some way for your clients and customers to contact you. Unfortunately, however, most phone systems are expensive as a result of the infrastructure you need to install and the minutes you have to pay for; and, they are oftentimes incredibly limited. This is where our Ohio and Pennsylvania VOIP systems come in.

With a lack of hardwired infrastructure, no expensive “minute” plans, and a host of great services to make business communication easier than ever before, we can help make sure your business runs smoothly from a telecommunications standpoint. Trust us; as one of the leaders in Pennsylvania business phones and VOIP, we are here to help you!

Our Services

VOIP, of course, is a broad term, encompassing a host of different plans, services, and products which you can choose from; fortunately, we offer some of the most useful and small business friendly Pennsylvania VOIP services. Here is just a sample of what you get when choosing Tele-Solutions.

Hosted Mitel AnyWare

  • This is one of our most popular VOIP services offered. With no installation fees, no upfront costs, and only a low monthly payment for services proffered, this is perhaps one of the most inexpensive Pennsylvania business communications systems on the market. But, just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s not a great service. With intuitive web administration, a multitude of features, and some of the best call quality you’ll ever find from a Pennsylvania VOIP service, Mitel AnyWare gives you the best bang for your buck around.

Pennsylvania Business Phones

  • In addition to offering great VOIP services, we also offer the best Pennsylvania business phones around. Set up for VOIP integration, these feature rich phones provide superior call quality and low prices that you won’t find anywhere else. Outfitted with touchscreens, LCD displays, and more, our Tele-Solutions Pennsylvania business phones are the perfect communications solution for your company

Industry Leading Service

  • With all of our products and services, you’ll also be receiving some of the highest call quality and customer service around. We take all of our customers and any problems we may have very seriously, so you can get the service that you are looking for.

Choosing Tele-Solutions

Just remember; here at Tele-Solutions Inc., we do our best to make sure all our customers go home happy. With some of the highest quality Pennsylvania VOIP services around, the best Pennsylvania business phones in the state, and myriad customer service representatives/telecommunications experts ready to answer every question you may have, we make sure that you are getting everything that you’ll ever need with our VOIP communication service.

Call today for more information, or check out the rest of the site to see all that Tele-Solutions can offer you; we know you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for visiting!